Have your windows installed right the first time by the pro’s with over 20 years of experience and Window Wise certified by  Til-ka Construction lnc.

Benefits of new windows

Energy efficiency

Energy star windows are a great way to insulate your home they will help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter decreasing how much you have spend on your monthly energy bill.


Having old windows is a major comfort killer. Not only are the ugly but they can be very costly by cold air drafts into your home and can be stubborn to open or close.  New Energy Star windows are built with high preformance glass technology for maximum thermal efficiency, glass clarity and air infiltration protection.

Value retention

When Installed by professionals energy star windows will retain 70% of their original value.  Making it an investment for any home owner.

Curb apeal

We want everyone  who passes by your home to look in awe at your new windows so we partnered with one of Canada’s leading manufactures Farley Windows to bring you the highest level of windows and installation possible.

Our supplier

We have partnered with One of Canada’s leading window suppliers Farley Windows to bring you both the highest quality product and install by Til-ka Construction Inc.