Have your choice of fiberglass, steel or vinyl patio doors installed right the first time by the pros with over 20 years of experience at Til-Ka Construction Inc.

Curb appeal

A front door is widely considered to be center piece of any home so making sure your front door is visually appealing should be a must for any home owner who is looking to sell or values the attractiveness of their home.

energy efficiency

All of our doors are Energy Star approved, They will reduce cold drafts and keep all of the warm or cool air trapped in your home saving you money on your monthly energy bills. 


New Energy Star doors are layered and fused together using industrial lasers or updated adhesives to ensure the best quality. Each door is reinforced with a steel plate behind the dead bolt to protect against forced entry and make a sturdier more reliable door.

Value retention

When installed by a professional installer new Energy Star door will retain 70% of it’s value within the first five years of its installation.

Our suppliers

To bring you both the  highest quality of installation and product we have partnered with two of North Americas leading manufacturers of vinyl patio, steel and fiberglass doors Dorplex also storm doors by Aluminart and Farley.